dance biomechanics
оnline dance course
by mimoda jazzo
made for those who always wanted to dance
or dance without technique

dance jazzo is not for those who know how to dance,
dance jazzo is for those who love to dance
We don’t teach you how to dance

We teach you how to listen to music with your body.
We don’t teach you how to dance…

We teach your how to paint music with your body
We don’t teach you how to copy the movements of the teacher.

Activate your physical empathy instead and your body will know how to move by itself

Always wanted to dance at weddings, parties or nightclubs, but did not know how.
Always dreamed to start dancing but didn't dare to.

Always wanted to dance but did not want to learn ballet, tango or hip-hop.

Always wanted to dance but did not want to copy the movements of a
Jazzo is for you if you
You will start to dance after the first class
Jazzo is your new hobby that makes you happy and healthy
You don't need anything to dance – you need music. Don't have music? Dance to your heartbeat!
Dance and sex are the only physical activities where the presence of love is felt.
Explore your sexuality through the dance

Process your emotions while you dance

Take care of your health
Lose weight while you dance

Manage your anxiety and be mentally healthy
you will be able to…
Question :
What do all of these people dancing Jazzo around the world have in common?
They all look happy, healthy and younger than their age
This course is for those who
enter a magical world of dance, beauty and music
enjoy life and lead healthy lifestyle
dance but didn’t know how
cope with anxiety through the dance
Want to
Always wanted to
Want to
Want to
Mimoda Jazzo on Dance Biomechanics
or how to look 10 years younger
  • Jazzo Dance Biomechanics has transformed my relationship with dance and my body. I used to think I needed to know how to dance, but Jazzo taught me that dance is about freedom and embracing my innate ability to move. My body feels amazing, and I've discovered new movements and new ways to communicate with my body that I never thought possible. Dancing Jazzo is pure joy and love. Love to yourself, to your life and to your body.
    Pavel, Ukraine
    37 years old
  • Jazzo Dance is an exhilarating and liberating experience. It doesn't require any prior dance experience, just a desire to dance. Through Jazzo, I've become more connected with my body and my deepest emotions. I’ve learned to control my stress and manage my anxiety. I feel healthy, energetic, and beautiful again. Jazzo Dance is the best discovery of the year !
    Natali, Los Angeles
    40 years old
  • Jazzo Dance is more than just a dance; it's a whole new perspective on my body, emotions, and lifestyle. It's an authentic and innovative approach to dancing that connects me with my inner child. Through Jazzo, I've shed outdated limits and found a new self. Jazzo is an instrument that helps us create good relationships with ourselves and our bodies. Plus, it's so much fun, and so much pleasure! I don’t dance Jazzo, I LIVE Jazzo.
    Maria, Russia
    30 years old
  • Finally, I feel in love with myself when I dance, and this “love activity “ has become a part of my everyday life. Dance Jazzo is freedom of spirit and mind. It's a joyful experience that everyone should try. Jazzo Dance is a very simple way to bring happiness and self-expression to my world. Almost forgot to mention… it is so good for emotional and spiritual health…
    Raji, India
    25 years old
  • I ve always dreamed of dancing but I was too shy to start. This Jazzo Dance Biomechanics Course has been a game-changer! It beautifully combines artistry with body mechanics, empowering me to embrace my unique dance style. It's not just a course, it's a transformative experience that unlocks my true potential. My life has changed, I have accepted my body, my age and I’ve stopped fighting and criticizing myself. I feel young and beautiful, and I truly believe that my life is only just starting.
    Sarah, Australia
    55 years old
  • I’ve always wanted to dance. I tried so many different techniques and courses, but couldn’t find one that respected my specific needs. "Jazzo Dance without technique “ exceeded all my expectations! It offers a refreshing approach to dance, emphasizing personal expression and freedom of movement. The online format makes it accessible and convenient, so I can take it anywhere. It’s an active meditation, combined with body art and fitness, and also a form of entertainment! I'm going to make it my new hobby
    Ana, Germany
    62 years old
  • emotional stability: feeling calm and able to manage emotions
  • resilience: the ability to cope with the stresses of daily life
  • optimism: feeling positive about your life and future
  • self-esteem: feeling positive about yourself
  • vitality: feeling energetic.
Dance Jazzo is emotional and mental health

program of the course

1. methodology
mimoda jazzo teaches you everything you need to know about the basic movements and positions of jazzo dance without Technique
2. personal dance
learn how to use your body to dance with mimoda jazzo
3. group practice
join group video class with our students from mimoda jazzo studio in los angeles
4. bonus
unique exercises created by mimoda jazzo that will teach you how to dance in a few minutes.
mimoda jazzo
your mentor
Creator of Jazzo Philosophy

Creator of Jazzo Dance Biomechanics

Choreographer and Founder of Mimoda Jazzo Dance Studio

Theater Director

Wellness Expert

based in Los Angeles, USA
is dance without technique
• 5 unique techniques that will help you to learn Dance Biomechanics

• 10 videos of Dance Biomechanics performances with Mimoda Jazzo and his students in LA

• 2 bonus videos with exclusive dance exercises created by Mimoda Jazzo
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